Outpost Firewall Pro Review

This wall is HOT!

Submitted by Hislam on Thu, 2008-01-24 03:46.
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The lowest price: 35.96$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Fast and capable of stopping threats before they turn into a real problem. Extremely powerful and diverse.
A bit confusing as well as overpriced.

When I get a firewall, I expect it to provide me with the highest amount of protection possible. That’s exactly what Outpost Firewall Pro gave me. Until I got Outpost, I was using a version of CA Security Suit. Now that thing had a lot of problems. It constantly allowed spam and spyware to slip through and cause chaos on my computer. Every ten minutes a vocal ad for Ipods would play scaring me half to death. And in between pop-ups would go crazy all over my screen. After installing Outpost, the difference was immediate. No more pop-ups plagued me. I especially loved some of the features:

Traffic Monitoring: Outpost is designed to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic on Windows machines.

Rules Wizard: Outpost allows the user to specifically define how an application connects to the internet.

Advanced Security: Outpost's Component Control will notify the user every time a network enabled application has a changed component and Anti-Leak Control will notify the user whenever an application performs a potentially dangerous operation such as overwriting another applications memory space.

I’ve had absolutely no problem with outpost. In fact I didn’t even have to contact the Help/Support crew.


Agnitum made one superior firewall. It's pricy, but gets the job done!