Ideal Calendar Review

Ideal Calendar Is Quite Ideal

Submitted by dawntreader3 on Fri, 2006-04-07 00:47.
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Ideal Calendar has a lot going for it. A very good help section is one of them. It is small and doesn't take up tons of room on your hard drive. Its many features make a simple calendar program that much more efficient and actually fun to use. Multiple language options make the potential market broad. (At least in Europe)
You have to be the type of person who either needs to, or enjoys checking the calendar all the time for this little guy to be worth your time or space on your hard drive.

Ideal Calendar is really a good program. It's fairly small, at just under four megabytes and runs in the Windows taskbar.

It has great options like being able to configure it for multiple languages besides English, including Dutch, French, Spanish, Norwegian, and Swedish. If you are in to astrology it incorporates the signs of the zodiac into its months. You can configure it for 24 hour or "military" time as well.

For those that care about cosmetics it has multiple wallpaper backgrounds. All of these are great add ons for a simple calendar program.

I think though, that the best features are actually the ones given in the "Help" section. Features that help you start up and hit the ground running like "quickstart" are something I personally think every program should incorporate into their structure. However, the best feature of all is a comments section. In this section the program gives the user information on where they can contact those who have the power to make changes to future versions of the program.

You can contact them and let them know what you like, don't like etc. To me, that is something every program should have as well. All it can do is make the program that much better. Finally, if all you do is download the demo version, in the "Help" section there is also a way to order the full version.


All in all, this is a good little program that any busy professional might find useful.