Webroot Spy Sweeper Review

Spy Sweeper: It`s good...but not the best

Submitted by stabbing on Mon, 2008-02-04 05:11.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Friendly looking, big database and does its job
Consumes a lot of resources, may delete needed files

I had this program installed in both my laptop and my desktop, because I wanted to test its security vs performance.

In both of them Spy Sweeper clearly does its work, cleaning and protecting against several different threats to your computer, but it lacks the versatility and easiness of how to use it.

Also, it slows your computer down to about 15%, which may not seem much but when you use as much resources as I do it makes a clear difference.

The design and windows have a clean and fresh look, but like I said before it`s not easy to use in the sense that you don`t understand what it exactly does. You may be deleting an important file that Spy Sweeper doesn`t know from its database and your problems will start coming along the way.


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In overall, it`s a good program that does it`s more better than a lot of other antispyware programs out there, but I only recommend it if you have either a very powerful machine or some RAM available