Ideal Calendar Review

Yet Another Calendar, Ideal though!

Submitted by kks8142 on Mon, 2006-04-10 02:17.
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The lowest price: 18$
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Most of the features in the calendar are intuitive, simple to use and easy to print; Most of the Holidays are already built into the program; however the program is flexible enough to let you add a new holiday/occasion or remove an existing one from its database.
Too many features in one small program.

A novice computer user may find the calendar to be complex even though the program itself is simple and straightforward. The program has a small foot print, easy to install and use. The program runs off of your Window Tray and doesn't hog your CPU resources. The help line is elaborative, informative and arranged well.

The developers made this simple utility a lot more interesting by adding bells and whistles, for example you could configure a background wall paper from the existing wall paper database, and you could use your own famous photos too. The Calendar displays a notification Dialogue when the occasion occurs, you could also configure to play your famous tunes too.

My Famous feature is the To Do List: You could schedule all your tasks for the day and the month; I use this feature to pay all my bills.

The program allows you to import and export the contact list, this feature allows you sink in your entire contact list from yahoo and hotmail into this program, kool Ha... :)


The program is your moneys worth, should your “to do list” is huge and should you like the idea that some program schedule this"to do list" and have you send a Dialogue notification