DVDFab Platinum Review

The good is great--the poor is awful

Submitted by GameKing on Sun, 2008-02-10 09:33.
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A fine programme if all you want to do is make copies of your own home-made movies--but you can do this with your free Windows media cener.
With the vast number of free software programmes available, we expect commerical software to give us more. Unfortunately, this programme gives us less!

I have owned this product for about a year. As it says in its promotional material you copy DVD-9 into two DVDs, or into a DL-DVD or compress it to fit onto a DVD-5.

However, I like to take my DVD movies, remove CSS and region coding, so that I can use DivX to create super compressed versions. Then I can view these on my laptop while I travel.

For years I have used the free (now unavailable in the U.S.) DVD Shrink. I purchased DVDFab Platinum so that I would be using supported software. However, I wasted four DVDs creating movies that were supposed to have all protection removed--DVDFab scored zero. So I went back to my old FREE and trustworthy DVD Shrink and all four copies were perfect.

Sorry...this is a fine company, but I think they are afraid of the idiotic U.S. lawmakers who create laws designed to prevent users from using this products in a manner that suits them. Frankly, this is a light-weight programme. Everything it does can be done by scores of free utilites. Worse--several free utilities (e.g. DVD Shrink) can do a lot more than DVDFab Platinum.


This software would probably sell well in Staples, etc. where uninformed buyers simply pick up stuff that is on the shelf. But, people who visit this site are usually more discerning. My advice is to avoid this one and do some online searching. In an hour or so you will find several packages that do much more--for free!