Platypus Review

Good Game

Submitted by cronic420 on Fri, 2006-04-14 02:08.
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adictive, and the claymation rocks
could use better variety of power up

in this game you take on the role of a pilot. You and your ship must save the planet from what looks to be aliens, at least they look like U.F.O.'s.

As you progress through each level you clear stages till you get to the boss of the level. As you progress you recive power ups from certian enemys. the more you shoot, the better the power ups get.

This continues till you clear all the levels and get to the main boss, then which if you beat you beat the game. Yes it seems simple enough but, the enemys get suprisingly harder as you progress through the game.

Platypus reminds me of the old school side scrolling airplane games, which i love. You could easily get traped in this game for hours just trying to get a little bit further each time, and to make it even more interesting the entire game is made of claymation, the background, the enemys, your ship, everything! Platypus is a well rounded game for the whole family to enjoy. i give it a 8 out of 10.


I would buy this game to play, very enjoyable.