Platypus Review

Classic Game Goes Clay

Submitted by mangosalad on Tue, 2008-02-12 05:55.
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The simple controls, easy gameplay, and original graphics.
Repetitive situations, lack of plot, and annoying music.

The first thing that struck me was the game's name. Platypus. Would this action game involve the actual animal? Would I be playing as him or her? The name alone left me wanting to know what this game was all about.

The next thing were the graphics. I mean, claymotion? I thought it would make everything look cheesy, but all it did was make the game more fun and creative. I laughed out loud when I saw my little clay ship destroy all the other ships. The details in the explosions were also very good. The background was calming, and didn't take take the focus off of the game.

I hadn't read the instructions, so the lack of controls was definitely a major plus. Shooting and moving: the minimal controls, and yet more than enough.

But the music! At first, I thought it was intense, and that it improved my concentration, heightening my "combat skills." Boy, was I wrong. When the music gets into your head, it drones on and on ceaselessly. Turning off your speakers will increase productivity, and lower frustration.

The evaluation at the end of each area was pretty useless, in my opinion. What were the primary targets? The secondary ones? Without these specifications, you can hardly tell which enemy ships you were hitting 100% of the time, and which ones needed working on.

Overall, Platypus is a great game. Although lacking in sound effects and a plot, there are many more reasons to play than not to.


An enjoyable classic game fit for virtually everyone. Well worth $18.