Wild West Wendy Review

Wild West Not So Wild

Submitted by mangosalad on Fri, 2008-02-15 03:05.
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The increase in the number of tasks that need to be fulfilled add to the game's captivity.
No replay value in Story Mode, and repetitive situations.

The ability to choose the game mode and level of difficulty gave a great start to the game, as it gives a kind of flexibilty that most games don't have.

The step-by-step, in-game tutorials certainly helps one to master the game. Every time an obstacle was added, a window would pop up and tell you how to overcome it. However, these could get annoying if you already know how to do everything. The messages later in the game are nothing but trite compliments.

A surprising factor was the storyline. These type of games usually have no story behind the character, who is usually just an ordinary person looking to make some money. Wendy is a special case. Even though the story of her past may be over-rated, it was nice to be playing as a girl with some personality.

Although the graphics and soundtrack were not topnotch, they were sufficient. The saloon's decor changes over time, as do Wendy's clothes. The variety of customers that came in kept the player on edge as they looked for the man on the wanted sign, or a potential thief.

Originality and organization was good as well. The plot was organized into chapters, each one having its own little tale in the form of a comic. The newspaper article(s) at the end of each round were also quite entertaining.


A good game for its genre, as it has an actual plot.