Site Spinner V2 Review

95% Love for SiteSpinner.

Submitted by cnadirect on Sat, 2008-02-16 14:11.
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Easy to Use, Easy to Learn, Easy FTP process ability to place objects or tags on every page in your site without having to key in tags. Affordable for everyone.
Could use better training videos for the beginners. The forums are ok, but video training on some items like tables, and cascading menus, and especially on creating an online store or shopping cart would be helpful.

Searching the internet a few years ago, I ran across webdwarf, which is a basic FREE version of SiteSpinner. As a beginning web designer, I had used FrontPage, but hated the fact that most FrontPage sites are very much template driven. They all look the same in FP.

After about a month I downloaded Sitespinner and have been using it ever since. I love it's ease of use, the ability to preview the work, and the ability to create sites that are both original and professional looking. I currently use both Dreamweaver, Frontpage, and Sitespinner, but for most of my clients, Sitespinner gives the most flexibility.

The WYSIWYG interface makes it very easy for the beginner, and there are a few basic templates available, but if you are more advanced, you can use the coding feature to input your own html code, create frames,css styles, etc. It really isn't that hard to create a nice looking site without all the paste this tag, import that document, etc., of some of the "big boys."


Despite having all the other more expensive programs to use, as a desinger, unless the client has a certain html editor they prefer, I will use SiteSpinner.