Platypus Review

Platypus -Enjoyable,Innovative Fun.

Submitted by maina kabiru on Tue, 2008-02-19 11:15.
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easy controls, nice and original claymation graphics,two player mode
same music allover, "action sounds" are quite regular and needs improvement.

Platypus takes one over 10 years back. Hard to imagine that claymation technique games of this kind still exist. With that being said, the game is enjoyable and worth playing. Classic games fans should get their hand on this game.

Graphics (5/5):
(i) The background: lots of work went into making the background using the claymation technique,
Achieving a realistic and moving background on claymation takes time. The details are up to scratch and quite original.

(ii) The spaceships and alien ships: creative and imaginative is all I can say. Different ammo, bonus fruits etc are tastefully coloured and though simplistic, they are very good.

Sound (3.5/5):
(i)Music: the game offers no other option on music apart from having it "on" or "off". This makes the soundtrack boring after a while and kind of lowers the game. Listening to 1 track for over an hour isn’t fun.

(ii)"Action" sound: you will basically hear only three action sound, that shooting and explosions and fruits bonuses. Different ammo should have different sound, the same different ships exploding. A little bit of variety will help eliminate boredom when it comes to "action" sounds.

Gameplay (4.5/5):
(i)Controls: the game is well controlled with the keyboard, mouse or joystick (takes me back 10 years, again). It’s well noted that only 2 or three control buttons are needed, which is easy on kid and young players alike of whom I suppose the game was initially intended for.
(ii)Addiction factor: it’s addictive and one is persuaded to play all levels (easy-hard).
(iii)Ease of play: the concept being easy, the story line simple (boring for average and experienced players) and lots of fun in it, I would say that platypus is a very well balanced game.


Simple, fun to play and enjoyable. above average game with a classic touch, though a little expensive.