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Search Maker Pro, The Truth

Submitted by lawhater on Sat, 2008-02-23 04:00.
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The lowest price: 53.1$
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1. uses Javascript to make search engine under 1-2 Minutes. 2. It Indexes Webpages (html), CDs, DVDs, Adobe (pdf), Word (doc), Excel (XLS), Powerpoint (Ppt). 3. No Coding experience required. 4. No Adwares, Spywares or any harmfull items. 5. User friendly Interface and easy to use.
1. Takes up space.

Search maker Pro Is a software that I use all the times. It automaticly creates a Javascript search engine that I can use on my webpages, on my CDs, And ALSO DVDS! This is a powerfull and handy tool. Now, I can make search engines without having to worrie about having any coding knowledge at all! It makes the search engine under 2 minutes, It Also indexes Html files as well as PDF files. It it powerfull enough to index word Doc and Excel .Xls files too! This tool doesnt require me to have any CGI access at all! It supports my stylesheet and my template. I've tested Search Maker Pro with Norton antivirus, Nod-32 and AVG. And I found no viruses at all.


Personally, I would use this software over any other software out there. It does every thing I need and every thing that would ever want to do. It is worth every penny! I suggest if you are a beginner, yuo buy this software or atleast try it for 30 days! All it does is that it takes up little amount of space. But Its still worth it.