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Cryptainer - Government Grade Security at your fingertips

Submitted by podcasta on Sat, 2008-02-23 21:11.
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Easy, powerful 448 bit encryption, flash drive encryption,
Slightly expensive

In the 21th century, even the least avid computer user should be well aware that not all data is safe. Passwords can be cracked, emails and messages can be intercepted and information is far less secure than one would hope.

This is precisely where Cryptainer comes in. This powerful piece of software allows you to encrypt practically any data you want. What this means is, the program ensures that the specified data is completely unreadable without proper authentication.

Why would I want to pay for this, one might ask. The answer is quite simple. The vast majority of computer users feel that the password on their computer is sufficient to safeguard all their files. However, as a simple google search might demonstrate, Operating systems passwords can be cracked in as little as 60 seconds in some cases.

Cryptainer, on the other hand, uses a very powerful form of encryption. So powerful that previous estimates claimed that an average computer might take more than One Trillion years to crack it.
Even though Cryptainer is so incredibly powerful, it is very easy to use, having a very small learning curve.

Using the software, simply select the approximate size of secure space you want to create, and choose a password. The software than allows you to select which files you want to secure; Cryptainer allows you to secure almost any type of file. After this, all you need to do to view your secure files is enter the password.

Cryptainer even has a feature where you can secure files on a flash drive and safely view them on other computers, even if the Cryptainer software is not installed.


All-in-all, Cryptainer is a one stop solution to completely securing your files