Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter Review

Great iPod Video Converter

Submitted by podcasta on Sat, 2008-02-23 21:26.
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The lowest price: 25.46$
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Fast, supports many video filetypes, easy to use, good looking interface
More expensive (though more powerful) than other alternatives

The bane of Apple's revolutionary iPod with video is its inability to play video formats other than Quicktime .mov or .mp4, despite the widespread usage of formats such as AVI.
The role of the Cucusoft video converter is to convert a video file into one that is supported and playable by the iPod.
Despite there being hundreds of other software that do the same purpose, the Cucusoft iPod video converter stands out from the rest for a couple reasons.
Firstly, a major concern when converting a video file is the speed at which the file itself is being converted. Throughout my use of this software, I clearly noticed that it converts video at a much higher speed than most other programs in the same price range.
Secondly, it supports all the common video filetypes. This includes DivX, XviD, real player files, MPEG, AVI, and Windows Media Video (WMV). There is an extremely high possibility that all video files on an average computer user's hard drive would be of the above filetypes.
The program possesses a very nice, sleek user interface and is stunningly easy to use.


At 25 dollars, the Cucusoft iPod Video Converter is one of the best programs to convert video for the Apple iPod