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Home Plan Pro: Worth Buying?

Submitted by reluctanttaoistmonk on Mon, 2008-02-25 06:02.
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basic floor plan elements at one's disposal great calculating tools
somewhat dull interface arc feature could have used a more flexible approach

The basic floor plan elements at one's disposal is a very big plus for this program since a lot of people are scared to do floor plans on their own. The program's professional look gives one a sense of being a professional architect or of the kind. The calculating tools are a plus too since they provide detailed analysis on your work, especially if you don't have any idea or very few on the budgeting and reconciling looks with budget side. The program is very useful for those who would want to do floor plans themselves, but the developers could've improved on the program design since they are selling this primarily to people with less design skills. The interface could use a little make-over, adding a bit more 3D feel to it, a bit of animation, and a few tweaks for newbie users. The arc feature could have used a bit more freedom, like a freehand tool which incorporates the Arc function with free hand options. The developers could also look into some glitches in the walls and lines system primarily on the automatic features which sometimes bothers me.


great product, but needs a major make-over to make it more user-friendly and fun to use.