Weave Words Review

Weave Words REVIEW..A great game!

Submitted by maina kabiru on Mon, 2008-02-25 10:14.
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very original, quite a brain sharpener.
None so far

Two games rolled into one. You strive to make words out of scrambled letters and also get to solve the hidden phrase. Good thing is you get to choose the category or class of phrase you would like to have. This is a never ending game (with many categories) which promises lots of fun for all people.

Graphics (5/5):
(i) Great combination of colours. Blue and yellow play a major part in trying to put the player at ease and really focused. This still makes the game window non flashy but still bright enough not to strain.

Sound (4/5):
(i)Background music: It is kind of fits the atmosphere. Rhymes with the concentration and focus needed to get the words and the particular phrase completed

Gameplay (4.5/5):
(i)Variety: You get to chose from 30 categories and whether you want to the timed, the classic or the self paced mode, this favours everybody. Suppose you play a category everyday, the you need a
month before playing the category again..no monotony here.

(ii)Addiction factor: Very addictive, you keep trying to beat yourself.

(iii) I did like the fact that I couldn't get away with just shuffling letters or guessing words, only 6 chances were allowed, made me think harder.. challenging but fun, nobody wants to be a blockhead.


Great game. Much better than the traditional scramble, educates and best of all, fits all ages and worth the price