Ant War Review


Submitted by maina kabiru on Mon, 2008-02-25 10:20.
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easy to learn and play nice graphics / colour scheme
Boring after one hour, no particular strategy... the price justifies it

Looks far from real fun. The game depends heavily on how you control the types of ants in your colony by allocating the certain tasks, want more food the you allocate more leaf cutters, if you want more ants then you allocated more nurses.

It is all about common sense and letting your colony grow. What happens when you have 1 billion ants?..Guess no one has reached that number.

Graphics (3/5):
(i) Locations: Different locations present different enemies, types of food available and hazards encountered. Though the trial version had only two locations, the other locations looked just as fine. Nice work and imagination went into all these.

(ii)Features: Funny thing is I didn’t see the features or Mr. Suburbia change positions, HE WAS STILL STANDING EVEN WHEN HE WAS TAKING A NAP! Neither the dog or the girl changed places, this brought monotony to the scene. More animation needed here.

Sound (2.5/5):
(i)Background sounds: Rain, chirping birds and "busy" ants were the only sounds audible. Thought a little music would have been better.

(ii)"Action" sound: I found them appealing, SUPRISINGLY

Gameplay (2.5/5):
(i)Controls: Nothing complicated when it came to controlling the game, only a mouse is needed. In fact the shop, ant type, statistics and all other controls are accessible from one window. This is suitable for the small kids.

(ii)Addiction factor: Not addictive

(iii)Ease of play: Easy to play though no serious goal to achieve at the end of it all.


Simple fun - only to the very young