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NewsAloud: for the crowd?

Submitted by reluctanttaoistmonk on Tue, 2008-02-26 16:00.
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Great concept. Great for busy people. Fast News.
Improvement needed on User Interface and Sound Quality

It has always been a tiresome endeavor to scroll through news online because you can't easily sort through news as fast as NewsAloud does. You can even specify your news preference which makes NewsAloud a very handy tool. Though I find some areas of the program annoying, I still think NewsAloud has that potential to get the interest of many online users who share my concerns. NewsAloud offers text-to-speech which means a lot to older people who have difficulty in reading as well as other people who have certain sight impairments. The program does a good job in its technical aspect, but I think the developers need to make it a bit more user-friendly and add a little spice of colorful buttons and a better look for the program interface. The voice quality is fairly OK since older attempts with text-to-speech did terrible and NewsAloud did quite OK, but lacked detailed user controls on the feature.


Needs some improvement,but the concept is great. Useful tool.