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Submitted by mixie on Fri, 2008-02-29 14:56.
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Accuchef is a handy software with a host of inbuilt exotic recipes. It has some really amazing features like nutritional calculator, meal planner, shopping lists and printing recipes
The user interface is poorly designed and has the look of a spreadsheet software like MS excel.The graphics and the menu buttons are totally obsolete and difficult to understand at first.

Accuchef is a highly multifunctional recipe software that comes equipped with around 200 recipes. You can also add to these recipes by importing/exporting cookbooks from the net.Besides this accuchef also allows you to print out recipes,email them and also maintain shopping lists.

For all those fitness freaks out there ,Accuchef takes dieting to a wholly new scientific level. The BMI and Nutritional calculator helps you control your daily calorie intake in proportion to your height and weight. It is also quite helpful for those suffering from diabetic problems.

While Accuchef is easy enough to use, the installation time is quite long and the appearance of the interface really puts you off at times . Sometimes it reminds me of a school timetable.Moreover some of the features are not feasible for use on a daily basis. These features would be of more use to restaurants and chefs.


In brief, Accuchef is really a good softwareand the best part is you can try it for free. The only restriction being you can use it ONLY 60 times.BIG DEAl, you get access to all their recipes so go ahead and try it out and if you like it, buy it...... Its worth 20 bucks any day.......