WebSmartz Professional Review

Web Not So Smart

Submitted by ClassyJ on Thu, 2006-04-20 22:26.
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Sleek designs with plenty of options
Limited ability to customize and confusing help menus.

I have been looking for a program to use to create a new website for myself and decided to give this product a try. At first it seemed to be just what I wanted with easy interface menus for those of us who are not experienced with HTML.

You can use WebSmartz Professional to create both flash intros and websites, which is convenient. It also sported a bunch of hip, original designs which I was quiet impressed with. I began to run into trouble however when I was trying to customize these designs.

I wanted to make a flash intro that led to my website, but I couldn't figure out how to make the intro play the items I desired. Yes I could write text, but I could not figure out how to make the intro faster or change how the text appeared (ex. color and font). The help menu proved to be utterly incomprehensible to me, so I played with options, really getting nowhere.

In the end I got too frustrated and was unable to complete my website with WebSmartz Professional. It would have taken too long and not yielded the results I desired.


WebSmartz is confusing and did not have the capability to create the website that I wanted. Not a program for the easily annoyed.