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Watermark Factory...Stops crooks easily

Submitted by maina kabiru on Sat, 2008-03-01 10:29.
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>Ideal for copyrighting photographs >easy learn and use.
>Tutorial available online only >can't watermark other documents apart from photos.

Generally, this program does more than just put watermarks on photos, it also a photo editors albeit not for professionals.
Guess the photo editor was incorporated so that one can watermark on finished projects (photos). This, the program has easier by having over 130 mask shapes and shape effects. I never used a photo editor before, but guess if they look like this one then this is a 2 in 1 program.
As a watermarking program, it is well above average, basically because it has a truckload of features to allow the user to make all sorts of watermarks, either text or image watermarks.
Ease of use: Photo editing using the Watermark Factory is quite a breeze, you get to view all the change you make on the same window, in fact all previews are placed on the same window if you decide to
apply the style and or shapes and shape effects. There is no flipping of windows.
Features :
Watermarks came in two types; text or image. You either type in the former or use a saved image in case you choose to use the latter. Both were very versitle and manipulating them is very easy.
In case of Text watermark, the user has a chose of changing the font type and size, font colour, bold or italic. Other options like embossed or shadowed, simply added on the creativity of the user. Texts are also rotateable, a full 360.
One BIG disadvantage with having an image as a watermark is I (don’t know if someone else noticed this) wasn’t able to move the image as I would have wished. The image moves only vertically or horizontally. Wish I could drag it to where I wished it to go. However what overshadowed this is the fact that different photo formats were reformatted and save successfully. I was able to edit a JPEG resize it watermark it and save it as a GIF. Other formats available are PNG, BMP and TGA.
Pretty amazing is the fact that by clicking on the EXIF link on the main window you get all the info on that particular photo you are editing. These include:
>The camera used
>Camera model
>Date taken
>Dimensions of the photo
>and if taken with flash on or off

I sincerely don’t know what the importance of that data is, but hey someone might just need it.
On that same note, you have the option of stamping the edited photo with photo/ file name, date, size or even © and ® signs.
Overall: the program delivers as it promises. There is a lot you can do with the features available.


>Worth a try.