123 LogAnalyzer Review

123 LogAnalyizer - Very Useful Tool

Submitted by filipg89 on Mon, 2008-03-03 16:38.
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The lowest price: 110.46$
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Light, impressive speed, gives everything you need, many features
Expensive, some people will spend much time on learning

Every webmaster has the need to check the statistics of his website visitors. That is why you need quality tools which analyze logs and show them in an acceptable way. 123 LogAnalyzer is one of these tools. It will enable you to get that kind of analysis at any moment.
The speed of this tools is really impressive. On an average computer it is able to analyze a log file that is 1GB big, and can achieve a speed of 100.000 lines per second, which is really amazing. It is very important to have information about what kind of Web Browsers your visitors use or even their operating system, so that you get the chance to optimize your website presentation. It has a lot of features, which is very useful.
For some people this tool may be difficult to use. They will spend much time on learning how to use some features. But on the other hand, it shouldn't be a problem for the experienced ones.
Surprisingly, the price is very high. But it may pay off if it is used in a right way.


Anyway, you have a complete analysis of your website visitors in front of you, which can be very significant when you are making some new decisions in developing your website.