Birthday Bios Review

Blast from the past?!

Submitted by reluctanttaoistmonk on Tue, 2008-03-04 16:31.
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fast, simple, instant template
has bugs, old interface, needs more "fun" factor

BirthdayBios? oh!

The ad says get your name on your very own newspaper or certificate with bits of info from the day and year you were born. Cool idea! This program is unbelievably fast in displaying these information right smack into your very own personalized news front page. This program is great for people who don't consider time as a luxury due tot it's instant template and minimalist interface. I don't mind the "minimalist" interface, but it sure needs more user-friendly buttons and function commands. I noticed that the program contains a lot of run-time errors and other mishaps generally on the editing side. There's not much to choose from which spells "boring" for me, and the HELP feature is not that very helpful at all. The program could use a more extensive library ( I wanna see Archimedes on my Birthday Bio!) And oh, try not to stick on newspapers and certificates, could have made the program more fun to use, give the user a bit more freedom to manipulate stuff. The developers could offer more ways of dressing BirthdayBios as a great gift. Nice fun tool, needs more to unlock full potential.


To unlock this cool softwares full potential, developers could give it a makeover. But, in its simplicity, I'd give it a go. Nice fun program to have.