Wild West Wendy Review

A Pretty Wild Game

Submitted by zerofire on Thu, 2008-03-06 07:58.
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Good story, quick game play, funny characters, easy to learn, funny pictures, plenty of game play
Only fun for a while, kinda like Diner dash, boring music, takes quick thinking

I didn't know what to think playing a game named Wild West Windy. The game was really easy to learn how to play. As soon as I started the game told me what to do as I need to do it.

The story was a good one but it was pretty straight right forward and basic. It had some pretty funny and comical pictures. The game seemed like Diner Dash with a wild west theme. I picked it up pretty fast and played for a while. I don't know if I would buy it and play it all the time, but it cured my boredom. Wild West Windy is a fast-pasted and quick thinking game.

I got really stressed out at times when there where a lot of people wanting a drink. I thought it was funny when the people drinking the drinks would throw the bottles over their shoulders. If you like games where you have to click back and forth taking things back and forth really quickly without time to think you would like this game.

People who have played Diner Dash you will like this game. Sometime when you have extra time on your hands go ahead and check this one out. It will entertain you for while.


In Conclusion, check this game out you might like it. If you like quick thinking games where you have to move the mouse fast you will like this one. It is a lot like Diner Dash you might like this one. It can give you something to do on a boring day.