TopStyle Pro Review

TopStyle Pro— the name speaks for itself.

Submitted by yvette26 on Thu, 2008-03-06 20:18.
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The lowest price: 71.95$
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Easy to use, auto-corrects errors, customizable view, useful panels
a bit expensive

The installation process is so fast and so easy I don’t even remember waiting. The introduction guides you step-by-step and if you make a mistake of choosing an option (e.g. you chose HTML but what you really wanted was XHTML 1.1), you can easily correct that using the toolbars. It allows you to choose from three layouts (namely Default, Full, Minimal) and – here’s what’s really nice – if you can’t choose any from those three, you can just rearrange the panels to a view that suits you best and save it as a new layout.

Quality-wise, it does pretty much the same as what Dreamweaver does so if you’ve used Dreamweaver before, TopStyle Pro won’t take a lot of getting used to. If you haven’t, there really is no need to worry because TopStyle Pro provides everything you need to create professional-looking websites. It closes tags automatically, suggests all the possible properties and values for your CSS codes, and even has a CSS selector panel for easy selection of your elements/tags. It also has a style inspector where you can easily see which tag/element works on which browser. There’s also this output panel that allows you to see the preview of what you’re doing, and it’s conveniently placed below the editor by default – but you can always drag and drop it anywhere on your screen.

Aside from the fully customizable work area it gives you and the easy-to-use tools it offers, it also allows you to do one thing that not all CSS/HTML editor software can do: work on several style sheets at once and have them stacked or placed side-by-side. No more need to click tabs in order to see what’s on the other style sheet—using the Split option (View>Split) you can edit style sheets alternately. And if you think you need help on certain browser specifications, there’s the Resources tab that offers you references and documentation.


All in all, a dependable CSS/HTML editor. It’s like an underdeveloped Dreamweaver-like program compressed into 10MB and discounted for several hundred bucks. Still, the price might be objectionable. Recommended for amateur and professional web designers.