Moon Tycoon Review

Another Tycoon

Submitted by Tango on Sun, 2008-03-09 05:20.
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A very original idea, I could tell the guys who made this game put a lot of time into the thought process
The music, the graphics, the usability, all things that could be improved upon.

Here is my no BS assesment of the game Moon Tycoon. As far as I could tell, this game had been thought out very well. The 3D game, Moon Tycoon really surprised me with all the variety of buildings and how they where catigorized, not only that but that each of these buildings had a purpose a reason for being in the game. Everything that is needed to sustain life on the moon is in this game plus more, there are even buildings that are used for tourism. Lunar golf anyone?
There where only two things that really annoyed me one was the music, I felt like I was a teenager again at a school dance the techno music didn't flo with me. The second thing that i found annoying was the usability of the controls, It took me a while to get confortable with them.


All in all this game is fun, but its not my first choice of game to play.