NETObserve Review

NETObserve review

Submitted by mackz on Sun, 2008-03-09 13:27.
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The lowest price: 46.71$
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easy to use, hard for others to detect, small size, does not seem to slow the computer down, many different ways to observe activity on your computer.
NETObserve really is silent, This could be on your computer right now tracking you and you dont even know!

WOW. Before trying this product I never thought I would need such a program. But after only 5 minutes of easy tests, I have learned NetObserve is amazing.

Talk about ease, My 5 year old nephew could learn to master this program if he could find it as it hides silently recording any keystrokes or mouse moves made by anyone on your computer. After several hours of trialling this program not one of my family members knew it was there! I was able to view all of their website browsing, msn and chat conversations and what files, pictures and videos they were viewing.

I cannot stress how easy NetObserve is to use. Just run it and let it do the dirty work. After a while come back and see what has been going on while you weren't around, with easy to follow text and even pictures, you will have no problems keeping track of your friend's and family's activity on your computer!


I strongly recommend NETObserve for parents monitoring their kids conversations or internet viewing, As well as men and woman to observe their spouses internet and computer activity or even people like me who seem to some how forget their conversations or website activity! You will very rarely find a program like this for less than $50, I recommend anyone who wants to control their family's activity buy this! You will not regret it. -Mackz