Moon Tycoon Review

Better than most other tycoon games!

Submitted by crownaditya on Mon, 2008-03-10 17:48.
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Replayability, In game variety, Mix of various genres of games, Totally new concept
Waiting time, slow in game help menu

Especially considering that i did not like the earlier tycoon games from the same publisher (anarchy) like Coffee tycoon and Deep sea tycoon, i was apprehensive in getting this one. However, my gaming passion finally caught up and i got onto Moon Tycoon.

However, i was in for a pleasant surprise. This one has multiple aspects involved. One is the standard Tycoon aspect of expanding and growing. The other is somewhat like Simcity where we are also incharge of taking care of the colony's needs like air(Yes! you heard right - Remember, you're on the moon) and water.

The good thing is that this tycoon is not too easy! Unlike Fish tycoon or others where we just get started and going, this one takes quite a bit of getting used to. And another good thing about the game is that it gets you quite a bit into Science!! Example - As we don't have Oxygen on the moon, we need to mine Helium so that our colony can breathe! Seems pretty interesting huh!

The game also has lots of aspects of strategy like gaining and growing resources so you can build things or get improvements.

Anarchy Enterprises has certainly made this game well in terms of the Lunar customizations in the game! like money making methods, which include Lunar Tourism, Lunar hotels and even Lunar Golf Courses!
The game is playable more than once as the scenario engine will keep churning out more challenges and as we change the type of our Lunar colony, there are an entirely new set of specifications and upgrades.
Overall, Though the title of the game sounds silly, the game surely isn't!

One thing though. Sometimes (as in many other tycoon games), constructions and upgrades get boring for you, as you can't really do a lot expect wait and see if get into shape. So, make use of the speed control cursors at the bottom
And last tip - Don't wait for the in game helpers to tell you what to do. They are like me - pretty slow!! :)
Try out the demo and i'm sure you'll get hooked. Happy Lunar colonizing!


A pretty well made Tycoon game, full of new things which need to tried out! Quite a big game too! Have Fun! 8/10