EZ-DJ Plus Review

All Show and No Go?

Submitted by Master Yoda on Wed, 2008-03-12 19:48.
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The lowest price: 16.99$
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Great design and really good animations loads tracks instantly.
The only problem I have with this product is what the program produces. output is of poor quality

On first opening of this program i was very impressed not only with the design but the sheer asthetics that instantly say "quality" everything has been laid out intelligently, each individual element has its on place and purpose allowing the user great ease of use.

I found the program very easy to use, it only took a few moments to get going and there I was playing vinyl records on the left and right deck (which are both animated beautifully) trying to mix one in to the other using the cross fader. In the trial there are only a limited number of tracks which for me isnt enough, a few more would allow trialists to really see if the application was to thier suiting.

The only issues I have with EZ-DJ plus is the output, after I got the hang of mixing tracks as seemlessly as i could i decided to try creating my own mix and saving it. This is where i begin to get disappointed with the program the track produced was of poor quality and sounded very amatuer perhaps even recorded straight school disco.

I firmly believe that if as much time was spent on the output of this program as the design then we could have a big hit here. Its as though all the effort was concentrated on making everything look just right rather than getting good results. Would you buy a ferrari with an engine from a go kart?


If only more time was spent on achieving a good result this would be a hit. I believe the producer has become distracted with the looks and design