O&O Defrag Professional Review

Is Defrag Professional a cool thing?

Submitted by MLNobre on Sat, 2008-03-15 21:50.
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The lowest price: 40.46$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
+ Fast doing its job + Pleasant appearance + Good and detailed information about the status of the hard-drives
- Way too pricey.

Defrag Professional is a simple to use but effective software that does what it says it does. Defrags! I really haven't tried any other paid defragmentation software but I would dare to say this one is the king of them all. And I say I haven't tried other softwares because I don't feel it's necessary: I really am happy with the performance of this one.

But let's look at the details. First, we can use a defrag wizard but I really think it's useless. Hey, I think it's simpler to use the software normally without the wizard. I just need to select the hard-drive I want to defrag, click one a big button that says 'Start', choose a defrag mode and there you go! There are 3 different kind of modes: Stealth, Space and Complete. The Stealth is kind of a light defrag mode. It's fast. Use the Space mode if you need a more serious defragmentation. It takes more time and system resources. The Complete mode is divided into three sub-modes: name, modified and access. This is the ultimate defragmentation mode. There is a complete data reorganization. How are they reorganized? Well, you choose. Just pick one of the sub-modes.

The appearance is really nice. And the information about the status of the hard-drives is pretty nice. Very detailed.

There are also other options. We can add scheduled defragmentation jobs. If you want you hard-drive regularly defraged, just create a new job! Easy.

Well, that's pretty much about it!


Well, It's a good software, no doubt about that. Like I said, it does a nice job! However, let's face it. 40$ ?? For a defragmentation tool? I think it's a little bit unrealistic. This is the major problem of this software.