President Forever Review

President Forever, king of complexity

Submitted by sirebrum314 on Thu, 2008-03-20 09:47.
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not really any unless you love politics and have quite a bit of patience
Incredibly complex, not for the average game player,

This game is an amazingly accurate presidential campaign simulator. but with these accurate simulators, there comes the problem of the learning curve, and the impossibly complex interface. There are some games that manage to pull off a decent simulation without getting incredibly complex. President Forever is not one of these games. The problem with the game is that you are a presidential candidate that has to micromanage every aspect of your campaign, and for most that just gets boring after an hour. I would say that this game has no chance of ever being a great simulator due to its immense complexity and poor interface which just compounds the problem. The help files were sort of helpful, but for the most part they were useless, so for the person that does not want to spend a minimum of ten minutes learning everything, this game is terrible.

The real problem is that a real candidate has people to micromanage all the decisions for him, and in this game you cannot just tell an underling what to accomplish, you must search through blue and black menus to finally find what you want to be done in a certain state. President Forever is simply too slow for my tastes.


I would not recommend this game to anybody except those who love politics enough to want an election simulator. The game is just too complex.