President Forever Review

President Forever

Submitted by Eliot Hagen on Wed, 2006-04-26 12:34.
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- Great replay value - Ideal for political activists - Expansive gameplay allowing the player a large amount of freedom - Ability to use a real candidate or create your own
- If you're not interested in politics, and I mean really interested, you'll get bored quickly - Some knowledge of politics, campaigns, polls, government, and the electoral college required.

Being a political radical, I've been deprived the excitement, tension, and euphoria of a Presidential election for the past two years.

While 'President Forever' can't satisfy my political needs entirely, it's a pretty good way to pass the time between terms. This game has it all--from fundraising to mudslinging. With 12 candidates to choose from, and the option to make your own, the game play never gets dull (unless you're not interested in government and politics.)

You can do almost everything to boost your campaign--run ads, recruit Campaign Crusaders and Foot Soldiers, spin news stories, dig up dirt on your opponents, and even write your own speech.

In addition to the ability to play the 2004 Election, players have the option to relive the Elections of 1960 (Richard Nixon VS John F. Kennedy), 1980 (Ronald Reagan VS Jimmy Carter), and 1992 (George Bush VS Bill Clinton).

The replay value is amazing. Play each election with different candidates and opponents, utilizing different strategies, applying political theories to see if they work (of course, that is only for the hard-core political junkie in need of a fix.) If you don't really want to take it seriously, it's fun to tweak party platforms and just goof off.


It's an innovative concept that should entertain those with a lust for politics. If you don't have an interest in government or political issues, or are one of those non-voters (It's your duty to vote!), you won't like it much. At least not enough to buy it.