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Secure, easy protection

Submitted by Sparx on Fri, 2008-03-21 14:37.
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Good, secure 448-bit protection, easy drag-n-drop use function. Other useful features.
Doesn't look as professional as it is. And that's the only con.

Before we continue, I would just like to say that banks use 128-bit encryption. And unless you're incapable of simple arithmetic, you'll find that 448>128. So obviously this is sopme iron-clad armour we're using here. Cypherix claim that "it would take more than the age of the Universe for all of the computers in the world working simultaneously to decipher and encrypted file" - seems a bit exaggerated to me, but if they have the guts to say it, they've definitely got something in this program.

Installation was simple and painless (and quick). But when I opened it I thought, 'hmm, it could look better'. Upon setup, it asks where you want a volume to be created and a volume for you to store your encrypted files, and for those who don't really know what to do, defaults are set so you don't have to do anything. For advanced users, you can choose between 448-bit Blowfish encryption or 256-bit AES, amongst many other options such as formatting it yourself as well as choosing the properties of the volume.

When everything was set up I went to help and found it detailed and resourceful. The program seemed easy to use an all I had to do was drag-n-drop a file into the adamantium encrypted vault. You can also make as many vaults as you want, making it even harder for the hacker to access your files!

As soon as you load the volume and enter the password, the said volume should then appear in 'My Computer' meaning you do not have to go through Cryptainer program to access the files and can use Windows Explorer. You can also save the volume onto a removable disk and make sure it is secure even if your computer suffers a horrible haemorraghing.

Compared to other encryption systems I've used before, where each file was encrypted seperately, this is much easier to use - but is it as secure?

I found the email encryption function good. You can encrypt files, and then send them by email. There are two options of encrypting - one wat is to 'Encrypt file' where the other guy DOES have to have a decrypting software from Cypherix. Or you can choose a "Encrypted Self-Extractor" where the other person simply needs to put in a password to decrypt it. This option is bulkier, and not as reliable, however. And there are so many other useful features to make the program so much easier to use!


Overall manageable and efficient program with a range of features that can be used by beginnners and experts, offering detailed help for the former and more options for the latter. By far, the best encryption system I've ever used.