CoffeeCup GIF Animator Review

CoffeeCup GIF Animator

Submitted by mikey2992uk on Sun, 2008-03-23 17:08.
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The lowest price: 30.6$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Very simple to pick up and use, comparatively cheap, fast to use due to the lack of unnecessary features.
Not enough substance for a higher level designer, GIF's are becoming obbselete, helpfile seemed very rushed.

The software is perfect for creating simple GIF animations for web. It’s incredibly easy for even the most novice of computer users to pick up and use. This makes it ideal for someone just getting started with some simple web design, such as spicing of up your blog page. The interface is extremely friendly and intuitive to use. This does come at a price however, the simplicity leaves the software severely lacking in more complex features needed for more advanced or progressing designers.

There are some nice little features such as the ability to convert the GIFs into Flash animations, allowing them to be progressed with a lot more detail at a later date, if so desired, and also boosts compatibility. The ‘Optimise My Animation’ option is also useful, though perhaps becoming a little unnecessary in an age of high speed internet connections. The amount if compression is also slightly disappointing when compared to the ‘save for web’ options on more expensive animators such as Macromedia Flash. The animations can also simply be converted into HTML script, allowing quick and simple intergration to web pages for less advanced users.


The key point in deciding whether to buy this software really lies in what you aim to use it for. If you are looking for a quick and simple way of jazzing up your personnel web page I would definitely recommend it, but for anything more professional I am afraid that you may not get the quality of results that you may of hoped for.