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WebFlopz Professional

Submitted by franrhea on Wed, 2006-04-26 23:53.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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The designs looked great in thumbnail.
I never got to see a full view of any of the objects. The program locked up Windows 2000 Pro.

If you have Windows 2000, do not bother with WebSmartz Professional. I like playing with software and design websites as one of my skills. Always curious, I downloaded this program thinking awesome! That was not the case.

Download went smoothly and was fairly quick on a 512kbps cable connection. The install went equally as smooth and even let me choose to install to an alternate harddrive. I'm think...ok, this is great. I can't wait to see the designs. I'm always looking for a way to change my website.

I wasn't disappointed, at least not by the thumbnails generated. I could scroll through them on the intro screen; they were quite impressive. I went straight to choose a site design instead of the Flash intro which is also offered on the intro screen.

A window popped open using Internet Explorer 6 which is the most current version for my system with all the updates added for security. Nothing else happened. No larger version of the file was shown; just a blank window with a white screen.

I was able to close the IE window successfully, but when taken back to the WebSmartz Professional program window, it was frozen.

I tried to close it using the X at the top right, ALT F4, and then CTRL ALT DEL. I clicked on Task Manager to stop the program from running, but Task Manager would not open.

By now, my system is very unstable. You can feel the waves of confusion coming from the screen. I finally saved it from the blue screen of death by holding the power button down on my computer to shutdown completely.

When I restarted it, it naturally ran the scandisk on the offending drive and all went well. Stupid me...I tried the program again thinking, 'ok, maybe it just needed rebooted for the changes in the registry, etc. to take effect. Wrong.

The same thing happened again. After the second shutdown, I uninstalled the software.

I'm afraid I did not contact support. I went to their website to see their help features. They had a FAQ, but nothing to do with troubleshooting. They did supply a support email address on their contact page.


Download and install at your own risk...This may work well on other versions of Windows. If you have enough nerve, try it for yourself.