TopStyle Pro Review

TopStyle Pro-Excellent recommended product for CSS/HTML editing

Submitted by aniqa on Thu, 2008-03-27 10:35.
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The lowest price: 71.95$
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Easy GUI (Graphical User Interface), Custom Code Preview Feature, Auto Correction, spell checker feature, Easy Add-ons options, Multi-browser checking compatibility.
No Cross plat form independency, No disclaimer statement for lost of data, No Software Updating option, Expensive licenses Price.

I found TopStyle Pro a best CSS, HTML, XHTML development, and editing tool. This software is very helpful for completing design related requirements of multi-domain users, like every professional web developers can use this software in order to develop complex CSS and html design, similarly due to ease of use of its graphical user interface it also very much flexible so that every nonprofessional user can develop style sheets and write HTML within his perception.

TopStyle Pro has very easy installation procedure, it consumes very small period of time for installation procedure. Its screens are designed and build within human aspect of computing so that its navigation, screen sizing, toggled windows, menus, button captions, button images are very much readable, and every one can easily guess what can be done with which event/button. It has very strong code integration with other tools like Dreamweaver Mx, HomeSite, and Front page. Here integration means code compatibility with these tools, if user develops a CSS or writes html code in TopStyle Pro then it can be edited, and viewed out by other compatible tools.

Similarly it has custom code preview feature, which means if user define body tag in any CSS and define its parameters then style inspector will provide you preview of your code within selected browser/properties window. It has auto correction and spell checker feature. With this all, one of most excellent feature of this product is multi browser checking compatibility, if user writes code for a CSS for IE (internet explorer), then he can check his code compatibility for other browsers like Netscape, opera etc within that environment.

This program is not platform independent; it can’t run by any of Linux or UNIX operating system users because this product is only executed on Microsoft windows base plat form. While installing this software its disclaimer doesn’t include any statement for explicit or implicit lost of data, so any user explicitly corrupted his data and claims on this product might cause of problem.

There must be the solution for updating the software within the software. Means while using this product, user must facilitate with updating feature within the software if there is any new version available like other standard software are updating their versions. Similarly for editing code in localize languages create problems in this software, it’s not possible to edit in localize languages mean to say it doesn’t have UTF-8 encoding support.
With this all TopStyle Pro have huge charges for its license version.


TopStyle Pro is excellent recommended product for CSS/HTML editing. It is easy to use for professional and none professional web editors. It has very huge cost for its license though it has excellent design features with multiple browser checking features which reduce development time for any CSS/HTML developer.