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SuperBot-A Powerful Downloader

Submitted by aniqa on Tue, 2008-04-01 09:43.
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Enhance download speed and technique, Flexibility of downloading whole websites preserving their structure. Simplify the task of designing a personal website.
In case of sudden restart, SuperBot start checking from the first file again, and won’t continue from the point it was interrupted.

Ever came across a deadline forgotten scenario in academic years? Well I did, when I confused a web project deadline to be a week ahead than what it really was. I was in mess when found out the mistake just two days before the deadline. But thank God, SuperBot came to my rescue and I not only made it within the project date but also got approval of the project and saved my grades. SuperBot enhanced my position that was start from the scratch to customize any complex website that suits your needs. Wow, I was amazed by the power of this little tool, use it and you’ll be a fan of the ease it provides you to perform the technical work such a simple manner.

In the world of www popup windows not only create havoc but also are very easy way in for all kinds of viruses to spoil your system. But, you don have to worry now cause SuperBot saves you from all such trouble makers, providing a safe environment for you to access the www. It is a great relief to be safe even when using internet and don have to go through the exercise of formatting your disk and reinstalling it every now and then.

Like everything in the world SuperBot also has its limitations. Let me first go through the ones they have acknowledged and advised and alternative for it. Let me quote the manual that is provided with super to highlight the limitations of “CD Burning Wizard”.
This wizard is subject to the following restrictions and limitations, some of which can be bypassed by creating an autorun disc manually instead:
• The wizard burns CDs on Windows XP and above; on earlier Windows versions, the wizard creates the autorun helper files but does not burn the CD.
• The wizard can burn CD-R and CD-RW discs, but not DVD discs.
• When run, the wizard will delete any temporary files already in the CD staging area.
• Up to 1GB of free space may be required on the drive containing the temporary disc image, depending on the size of the copied site(s).
• The autorun.inf helper file created by this wizard can only be interpreted on systems with Internet Explorer 5 and above. However, the copied site itself can be viewed with any modern web browser if it is opened manually (from Windows Explorer).
• By default, the wizard assumes a maximum disc size of 630MB, and will not attempt to burn sites whose total size is above that limit. The limit can be adjusted to 700MB or any other value by editing the wizard's command-line parameters.
• Because the wizard requires some manual user actions, such as inserting a blank disc in the CD drive, it should be disabled while copying a large number of files or sites with SuperBot's automation features.
Some other limitations I came across while using it. Firstly, when you try to “Pause” the Download the pause comes in effect only after the in process download is completed and the application is pause before download the nest component. Secondly, it doesn’t provide you with a rollback facility on “Abort” option, that is download will be aborted but the fully/ partially downloaded files will still be there on your disk and if you want to get rid of them you’ll have to do that manually. Thirdly if you experience a power failure or system restarts while a download is in progress on the next start of the download SuperBot will start checking from the first file again, and won’t continue from the point it was interrupted, although it will not download the files again, but will check if they are downloaded or not which is very time consuming for large web files. But these are only extreme cases that don’t occur very often and can be therefore ignored.


All in All SuperBot is a very useful tool to invest in if you want to enjoy maximum download speed and ease. For best result do keep your mind its limitation and always remember to “Pause” the Download before restarting the computer.