ZoneTick World Time Clock Review

Zone Tick World Time Clock: A waste of time

Submitted by Dan on Fri, 2008-04-04 02:01.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
You are able to check the time anywhere on the globe and is easily downloaded.
It is overly priced and the same type of program can be downloaded for free.

Have you ever wondered what time it is in London or Sydney? Have you ever wanted to just see what time it is in different places around the world? I know i haven't! This program is overly priced and a waste of money for something that could be downloaded for free.

This program consumes a lot of memory and does not have many IF any features that a free program does not. It does not have the time of many cities in more remote places and does not have overly impressive themes.

When all is said and done this program is overly priced and a ridiculous thing to waste $17.95 on unless you enjoy continuosly checking the time in different cities and need to get rid of 20 dollars.


Unless you have extra money laying around and you enjoy seeing times in different places around the world i would not recommend this program.