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Marriage Readings and Vedic Maps from Horoscope Explorer Pro

Submitted by soric3l on Sun, 2006-04-30 15:00.
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Professional horoscope software specializing in Vedic astrology. Good for business.
A complete waste of time if you don't have the basic knowledge in Vedic astrology.

You need solid knowledge of Indian astrology and traditional astrology if you plan to use this program. Horoscope Explorer Pro is highly technical software addressing mainly to professional stargazers or lotus eaters or any other sort of horoscope experts. Using this program is not easy at all even if they provide you with useful maps and help topics. Again, if you don't have basic knowledge of Hindu astrology better don't use it unless you are into spiritual S&M practices.

After installing the program and restarting the computer it is recommended to leave the default setup options (India), and change them from the Settings tab after the program finishes to load all its utilities. Horoscope Explorer Pro offers you the possibility to make a complete Hindu/Vedic astrological map for yourself or any other person that provides you with their personal information like full name, date of birth, and exact location. You can also use it for traditional horoscope readings or marriage predictions. I am sure this soft can be extremely useful in any online business related to astrology readings, and Karma stuff, and so on. After getting the results and making them accessible to ignorants you are given the option to save the readings in .pdf format or print them, and send the illuminating stuff to your friends or, why not, to your online clients. The potential of this horoscope building tool is quite impressive but you do need a real pro to translate most of the data in the common language.

To conclude I would say that Horoscope Explorer Pro is worth the money (around 20 dollars), being at worst a nice toy for any astrology fan if not a reliable business tool for the horoscope experts. I was impressed with the marriage reading I received for my personal life. The makers of the software seem to know a lot about many people, me included, and I suspect they must be endowed with psychic powers to be able to make such accurate readings.


Lovely toy for astrology fans, and reliable tool for experts.