Shape Solitaire Review

Mommy, Make Them Stop!

Submitted by marymag on Sun, 2006-04-30 23:00.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Good options, plenty of levels to play.
Fast brain and fingers required.

I like a good game of solitaire, especially after a particularly stressful day. What I don’t like is “busy” solitaire. The time you have to beat or you lose points or the meter on the left won’t fill up and therefore no “x 2” or racing to catch cards or having to return my own cards when I can barely keep track of the ones I have or worrying about points when I am not competing with anyone or even coming close to the “combo bonus“ (and this is only in the first level). Exhausted yet? I was.

On the positive side you can play the classic style as opposed to the arcade and you can pause if you push the help button. But then again, that game is almost too simplified and gets almost as tedious as the music. Finally, you can choose your expertise level.


If you have several personalities or live on caffeine, then this is your game. If not, make like Dionne Warwick and walk on by.