DietMP3 Review

Good for Non Technical users Outdated for Experts

Submitted by Maxa019 on Mon, 2008-04-07 06:40.
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The lowest price: 13.45$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
It is very easy to use for Non Technical users.
It supports only MP3 files and many better free alternatives are available which are more advance than Diet Mp3.

Very nice software for portable device owner’s .The interface is really good for non technical users but outdated for expert users. It is easy to use and low on resources takes (0% CPU and about 17 MB RAM). The mp3 tag information is retained after the conversion. You can switch between different settings for Music players (like PDA and Smart phone or Pocket player) and select the output quality (CD FM Tape and Telephone).It can rip audio cd for you.

It only changes the bitrates and sampling frequency of the file and the file is compressed. It converted about 11MB mp3 file (320 kbps) to 3.31MB (96 kbps) in no time, but if you give a mp3 file (96kbps) input then the output is same i.e. 96 kbps .You have to trade sound quality for memory.

It takes only mp3 format as input and mp3 format for output new formats like mp4 is not supported. There are many free alternatives available which are much more efficient than Diet Mp3.The output management is not good and also you can achieve the same result from any other free MP3 encoder by setting the output bit rate to 96kbps.The software is kind of outdated because the modern portable devices supports many audio format like mp4, aac etc and it supports only MP3.

With trial version you can convert 15 tracks.


From my point of view the software is outdated and why to waste money if you have a better and free alternative.