Cactus Bruce And The Corporate Monkeys Review

To Toss or Toss Back? That is the Question!

Submitted by marymag on Tue, 2006-05-02 01:03.
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Great graphics and easy playability.
You gotta be coordinated!

What kind of a cowboy is named Cactus Bruce? Actually, he is a very kewl pirate. In this arcade game that falls somewhere between Arkanoid and Space Invaders, he and his charming cohorts toss bananas, flowerpots, and other non-lethal weapons at corporate monkeys that throw coconuts at him. To help him in his quest to save Foster Island from the nasty Hoolabanger Corporation, he has a one-ton claw machine (controlled by your mouse) to catch, toss, and even deflect the enemy.

This is quite a charming game; both kids and adults will love the great graphics, including a talking Cactus Bruce; “My mighty claw will take ye monkeys down!” and squealing monkeys when you toss them back. There are 4 difficulty modes as well as 4 main games (your progress is saved) in addition to mini-games and build-your-own levels. Lots of options and the uniqueness of each of Jack’s buddies (I love Billy the Elastic Blowfish!) make this a great little afternoon diversion.


Once you master the general play, you will find yourself a Cactus Jack fan.