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EditPlus - You get what you pay for

Submitted by tsouthar on Sat, 2008-04-12 06:04.
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Poor default interface, poor error catching

I am a .NET developer that usually uses Visual Studio or even Dreamweaver if necessary. I am extremely picky about my code editors for many reasons but the main one is readability. The first thing that I noticed after installing the evaluation version of EditPlus and creating a new HTML page is the poor tabbing. EditPlus, by default, uses a one space difference between tags. I am very comfortable with the normal five space tabbing that is default in the higher end editors.

Another problem that I have found with EditPlus is the interface. In my experience, using ALL CAPS and/or bright colors such as red and pink are distracting to the user and could cause one to ignore this editor completely. The toolbar itself is also confusing. With the exception of the common buttons (bold, italic, underline, centering, etc.) you have to hover over some of the buttons to figure out what they mean.

I will be the first to say I'm being nitpicky here. Let's look over the actual coding aspect of EditPlus.

For an HTML editor, EditPlus does a pretty good job of helping its users create simple pages. I created a "Hello World" HTML page using a table. When coded correctly, everything seemed fine; however, when I started taking ">" off the end of some of my tags, EditPlus did not inform me that I had broken tags. It changes the color of the next tag to purple which I assume is supposed to tell me about the mistake, but with all of the bright colors it blends in.

Honestly, after getting this far I stopped using EditPlus. While it is not a horrible system, and believe me I've seen worse, there are freeware applications all over the web that provide the same if not slightly better functionality.


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