Wild West Wendy Review

Wild West Wendy Wild Fun!

Submitted by bhmorgan79 on Mon, 2008-04-14 20:39.
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Good graphics, fast game play, fun characters,
setting options for music is boring, repetitive tasks

Wild West Wendy is easy to learn and easy to play with the options of choosing your difficulty level. It contains an automatic tutorial to teach you the tasks that need completed, making it a quick game to learn. The game has good graphics and fun characters. Fast game play needs fast thinking, but is fun and addictive.

The story was entertaining and the daily news was amusing to read at times. It has a real life atmosphere with a Wild West theme. If you like games such as diner dash or the tycoon games where you are working toward a goal at a fast pace career, then you will love this game. I enjoy games like this and would definitely purchase this one.

The bar fights that Wendy has to break up and the Robbers that she has to shoot to scare off as a comical unexpected excitement to the game, because you never know what will happen next. I love the way the patrons toss their empty bottles on the floor, it’s funny and yet saves Wendy time when they disappear instead of needing cleaned up.


In conclusion, due to the bar and drinking theme, this may not be a game for a child, although it has an easy setting that a child could play. For teens and adult this could be a fun pass time that is addicting. Try it you might enjoy it, I know I did.