Horoscope Explorer Review

Software As Good As The Person Using It.

Submitted by cjbuzy on Tue, 2008-04-15 02:10.
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Free to sample. User friendly interface. Simple Design.
Simple design. Mostly black & white.

Easy to use design, but very primitive. Mostly black & white. I would imagine that to someone who understands Vedic Astrology, this software may be very accurate, entertaining and/or informative. However, to someone who may have an interest in astrology and/or their horoscope, advertising that you do not have to be a pro is rather misleading. Yes, maybe you do not have to be a pro, however, it would be more accurate if it read "some basic knowledge of astrology needed" or "you don't have to be a pro but don't even bother if you aren't on your way there.

I could not imagine making any sense of the results if I do not even understand the basic language of astrology. Personally, I could get past the simple design (lack of color, etc) because I believe it would be the information that I was looking for that would be important to me. However, it's 2008. To be selling such a complex software program with such simple design is not very appealing to any consumer.


Software as good as the person using it. MUST have knowledge of vedic astrology, otherwise waste of money!