Ant War Review

Ants in my pants to get away from this game

Submitted by paulto on Wed, 2008-04-16 01:48.
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Ants, a colony, fast setup time
Basically copy of Age of Castles gameplay Click-Play game

After my usual approximate 10 minute elaboration, I really did have ants in my pants- to exit this game. After the exit, the ant colony soon found a new home, in my recycling bin. Now they won't have to worry about invading colonies or food, their off to deleteville, population, maybe 1,500 ants soon to be, along with a castle and some peasants. Why have I just dropped an aspartame bomb on these poor ants? Let me tell you why.

This game is really just another version of Age of Castles. My review of Age of Castles was the game should be improved, not to be made a copy of to have another bomb dropped on it. This game was practically the same game play as the other, whereas you are merely clicking, and clicking, and clicking, to play the game. This was really just another Age of Castles with a new idea, instead of being a few peasants, you are now a few hundred ants. Once more, an astonishing victory was mine after 6 clicks. Ha ha ha ha enemy ants, your now dead. Well, soon after, these ants had a bomb set in their colony, blowing up and leaving a one star rating in the crater it left.


In conclusion, I believe that this game has serious factors in the game play that deters many from it such as the click-play format the game is designed in. As a future note to the creators of this game: The click isn't in. The Click-and Random game play hasn't worked for Age of Castles; it won't work for a few ants.