President Forever Review

PRESIDENT FOREVER 2008, No president at all!

Submitted by maina kabiru on Wed, 2008-04-16 11:24.
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Non whatsoever
>Short life >Expensive >Discriminative, few Non-Americans can appreciate it Too much instructions.. like reading for a GMAT exam!

This is the most discriminating game ever. Very few people, except diplomats, who understand American politics let alone how they conduct elections.

I sincerely cant play this game, not cos I dont want to, but cos it is plainly hard for anybody who is not American. Who are the Super delegates, what's the difference between Caucases and Primaries?

With that being said I think the game has a very short life, 2007 and 2008, no wonder they have no upgrades. Question is why spend so much money for a game which few, if any, will appreciate, for only 2 years? Makes no sense to me.


Avoid it at all cost. Dont waste your money.