Wild West Wendy Review

Wild West Wendy REVIEW

Submitted by maina kabiru on Wed, 2008-04-16 11:28.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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>it is a creative, >can be played offline as well as online >upgradeable.
Cons: slows the computer( in some instances), and hence break up the graphics, same music

Never played a Wild West game before, so have no other game to compare it to.

Graphics (3.5/5):
(i) The saloon 's interior looks good interms of arrangement, colour and simplicity of operation. I however encountered one problem, when you assign Wendy many tasks, the whole game drags and you find that the patrons sometimes break into parts and the music stutters. Guess too much heavy graphic were the reason for this. My PC is pretty fast and lots of free memory (37.3GB) so I seroiusly dont think the problem was on my side.

Sound (3/5):
(i)Background music: The Wild West kind of music you hear from the very beginning rhymes with the atmosphere and the pace of the game. One problem though, I heard the same music over and over again...get a variety.

Gameplay (5/5):
(i)Learn as you play. I did like the idea of learning the game as I played it as opposed to reading the "how to play" and the implementing that. The idea of story mode is also a big plus because one get to know the whole story behind the saloon, how to stop fights, repulsing thieves and so on.
(ii)Addiction factor: Very addictive, you dearly want to keep the saloon and the town safe. This make you want to playit forever.
(iii)Controlling the game is very easy, I like it, there are no 10 or 15 keys to punch. You only left click and Wendy "smart enough" will know what is required of her.

Give Wendy some assistants e.g. cashier or security to deal with receiving payments and dealing with thieves respectively and allow Wendy to concentrate on serving only, otherwise she will get overworked or lose money easily.


interesting, worth playing and the price.