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123 Log Analyzer

Submitted by ganman1 on Thu, 2008-04-17 20:53.
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Fast, simple, installtion. Easy to use and efficient Requires no knowledge.
Not many extra features (multiple servers on same site)

123LogAnalyzer is an incredibly simple program to use that requires no technical knowledge at all. Installing is easy and fast and the program can be running in a few minutes.

123LogAnalzyer, unfortunately does not support support multiple servers serving the same site, but it is still good for at-home enthusiasts or organizations looking for fast, easy access to information on their webpage.

123LogAnalyzer provides two differentystems for retrieving your web site log files. 1. manually adding the individual files via a one-step dialog box. 2. retrieving the logs from a remote location via FTP or file transfer over HTTP.

Seeing as the product is a client-side application, every analysis must be started automatically. There is no shcduling or organizing feature. Although it's a Windows-based program, 123LogAnalyzer can read the major log file formats from both Unix and Windows platforms.

One useful feature is the program's ability to analyze log file archives (such as ZIP or GZ) without extracting them to your local drive. If you set up the product to retrieve and analyze compressed logs from a remote location, you'll save some download time and hard drive space on your client machine. 123LogAnalyzer does not, however, allow multiple log files to be in the same archive.

Reports show up via an HTML interface that opens when the analysis engine completes its work. The reports are enough to give the general user a good perspective on what people are doing on a Web site. They're available for most of the basic Web site statistics, from the number of visitors' browsers and platforms to the number of unique visitors. The Server Error report provides useful information on the number of requests that resulted in something other than the standard acceptance code of 200. The Search Engine Performance report provides an informative view into the number of referrals from several top search engines.

The Advanced Visitor filters allow for a number of different reporting options, from the usage of an individual page or file to determining the impact of a specific page as an entry point for your Web site. Though the Advanced Visitor filter does allow some custom tailoring to the analysis, such as specific page visits and visitor exclusion, the product does not provide the extensibility of WebTrends Log Analyzer 7.0, or even 123LogAnalyzer's closest price competitor, Sawmill 6.

If you want to save your reports, you must specify a different directory for each analysis. Otherwise you'll overwrite the reports in the next analysis.


Good. could be improved, but great for private use.