Wild West Wendy Review

Here's another beer to another average game

Submitted by paulto on Sat, 2008-04-19 04:26.
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Theme Idea
Boring Non Addicting

"Bar tender... Bar tender... where is the bar tender?" the drunkard spoke. "Ehhh I heard she was off today... looks like a good opportunity for a random fight."

Wild West Wendy isn't your normal Wild West game. This game incorporates the idea of serving a bunch drunks at a bar. Well, as much as I love serving a bunch of random well paying cowboys I began to become very bored with this game; after about 20 minutes of evaluation. Wendy soon found her bar not in the Wild West, but inside a recycling bin serving peasants and some ants; that should boost the income.
Why? Well...

The game play, is once more a click play game, and if you have read my other reviews you would see that I really don't have a thing... for click -n play games.

The game itself gets real old in a matter of minutes, you usually do not have hours on end clicking fun and joy serving random drunks.

The overall idea and concept is good, but the game play just isn’t really up to par with my standards.

To be honest, I would defiantly not pay $17.95 for this game. This game reminds me of the type you can get free, out of a cereal box.


In conclusion, although I gave this game a 3 star rating, I believe that this could be developed to more of an "addiction" because the buyers from recycle ville are telling me the alcohol isn't too good to keep them coming back for more.