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Submitted by Charisma on Tue, 2008-04-22 01:54.
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Easy to install, good step by step setup. I also liked the interface it had, it was easy to get monitored data.
Detected by both my protection softwares (AVG Anti-spyware 7.5 and Avira Antivir personal edition)

Hello i would like to tell you my experience with "NETObserve". This program is easy to install (only tested on windows XP), but is also easy to setup. I think this program is easy to setup due to the circles all you have to do is click on the objects you want enabled. While doing this review i ran some tests on this program here is a picture that will show you that by using a slightly more advanced task viewer you can see the process(that this program is running). Here is the link to the picture it will show you that task manager does not detect it (a program built in windows can NOT find the program) however another program i used called "Process Viewer" which is a free ware application that is used for finding programs running on your computer.

Something i don't like is that my Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware detected it as a key logger. My security programs are Avira Antivir Personal and AVG-Anti spyware 7.5 i had disable "Avira Antivir". That is a major down in the program if i did a full system scan (which most protection programs have built in it would be blocked/deleted).

There are better programs that do the same thing for free like here is one i use, that is a link to a free key logger called "Family Key Logger" Which has the invisible option. Here is another process picture, however with this free Key logger it shows up in the windows task manager (how much can you expect its free). It also seems repetitive(for something minor but i fixed it), it kept asking me the to do the same thing (This was just a simple problem)


This program is good at what it does (many variations to this type of program) I have seen better and worse but when it comes to what i think of it there are other programs that are free that could get the job done. But if your are looking for screen capture and remote management your going to have to pay... I wouldn't buy this if i had extra money because there are other ways i would use to get the job done (more advanced techniques).